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   What happened with movie industry?Nowadays is so hard to find anything good  to see.I still remember all those  times when I was a kid and together with my brother we used to watch 4 video tapes per day ,film art flourished in 90’s,such unforgettable stories were created by amazing talents like Tom Hanks for example in Forest Gump,Philadelphia,Saving Private Ryan  ,stories that make you think about life long after that,do you remember Steven Spielberg and his movie “Schindler’s list” I will never forget the amazing performance of Ralph Fiennes as the horrible and monstrous Nazi-Amon Goethe ,such amazing actor indeed,do you rember ”The English Patient”?. I miss those movies like “Thin Red Line”,”Talented Mr.Ripley”,”Good Will Hunting” which turn the focus on the psychological side of human life.

   Another good actor-Denzel Washington  who used to make a succession of amazing films like “Malcolm X”,John Q,”Training Day”,”The Hurricane”,”Remember the Titans”,”The Bone Collector”,The Pelican Brief”,”The Manchurian Candidate”,”Courage under fire””Fallen”,”Antwone Fisher” and many more ,nowadays even he started playing in superficial  films  except  probably only one really  good movie  in 2012 since so long time-“ The Flight”.I believe it is very hard  for all those amazing talents like Robert DeNiro and Al Pacino  who are ready to accept  every offered  stupid role only because they do not have  any other option to  keep them stay  in this business.

  What happened with Tom Cruise?In my opinion he was in his glory in “Born on the 4th of July”,”Rain Man”,”Jerry Maguire”,”Interview with the  vampire”,”Vanilla Sky”,specialy “A few good men”,”The Last Samurai”,I’m already sick of his missions impossible and  movies based on comic books with robots ,come on,this man can make  much better roles,for the past 10 years his good movies are only “collateral”,”Valkyrie” and “Lions for Lambs”.And what about another amazing star Nicholas Cage,in the past decade he takes participation in silly films(but for him it is understandable, because of the financial problems which media revealed  he is ready to play whatever is available).

       Josh Hartnett is another  example-he had a  very good performance in “Black Hawk Down” for 22 years  old to play such a matured character in my opinion that was one of his best roles in this realistic drama created by the great Ridley Scott,Mr.Hartnett  deserves  to take part in similar film projects  not in movies like ’40 days and 40 nights”,”Hollywood homicide”,I think that he can show to audience much more,he can create much more complicated characters,his powerful side is drama,unfortunately in the past years he made some movies which could not give him the opportunity fully to reveal his talent,although there were some exceptions like”August”,”Wicker Park”,”Parts per Billion”are not bad  as well but these projects weren’t received in the way they should be,nobody noticed his great performance as a savant with Asperger’s syndrome-kind of autism; somehow Penny Dreadful reminds the spectators of him as an actor ,I hope he will have the chance to take the right course in his career which will help him  to get the recognition he deserves .

    I really miss all those script writers from 90’s,but probably the problem is in the values of the generations through the years,the truth is that nowadays technology ,money and sex  are the main interests of the young people and Hollywood complies with the demands of the audience.I feel sorry for the actors and actresses who are wasting their talents but they are ordinary people who have bills to pay,families to support and acting is their only way to make a living.



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