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Wicker Park

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Only 1...!? to me is impossible... so this is my ranking:
1)Pearl Harbor
2)Resurrecting the Champ
3)Wicker Park
4)Black Hawk Down

of course I haven't watched the last movies yet... for example I know that in August he had a good performance - like always! - so I couldn't wait to watch it!!!
All the movies he are in are good. But, my favorite would have to be Pearl Harbor. Although, the ending makes me cry every time. Second would be 30 Days of Night, 3rd: The Faculty.

i think the best movie of josh is impossible to say, but i can say that i love josh from virgine suicides and pearl harbor.i like faculty of course very much....
oh josh is always perfect but i lke pearl harbour ,lucky number slevin it was great ,30 days of night ,,hollywood homicide it cracks me up , resurrecting the chamo.i come with the rain ,august
1) pearl harbor
2)wicker park
3)resurrecting the camp

but I like ALL movies of josh :D:D


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