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It's impossible he doesn't have an official site! He's so fabulous and famous! Does anybody know something about it?

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I know he is wonderful. In a couple of interviews he indicated that there were so many sites up with his name on it (he mentioned us here at JoshHartnett.com) that it wouldn't make sense to make a site as he couldn't even use his own name! : ) but you can also check out Lucky number Josh .... Annie on that site does a wonderful job. Hope this helps!

Could you tell me how I can read or watch these interviews?
Oh, that's good! I've already been on that site. It's remarkable! :)
Maria here you go.....

http://www.joshhartnett.com/video/interview-where-josh-mentiones - You can look through the videos here on Absolute Josh Hartnett! enjoy


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