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Last night i've got my second dream bout him, and it was even more awesome than the first...hhh, never thought before i'll be so crazy bout him..

love you, Josh...

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I often drean about josh as well ; he's the man of our dreams isnt he?
haha absolutely!!!!
jajajajaja me too (:
No, never :)
Yes, sometimes happen to drem about him... maybe because is the boy of our dream? I think every girl (me personally) want a boyfriend (maybe an hausband...) like him! So romantic, so cute. EVERYTHING!!!

once I dreamed about Josh... it was the sad dream... we stood a back to each other and I held his hand and I begged him to remain with me, but he kept silent in reply...dear Josh I wish you to find the true love be happy!!!

WOW I dream of him too ALOTS!!


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