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Who knows Josh adress we can write to? It may be email or his own adress... I wish him to recieve my letter!
If anybody knows please tell me an information about Josh mail!!

Thank you so much!

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Josh Hartnett
In care of:
Susan Patricola
Patricola Lust Public Relations
9171 Wilshire Boulevard
Suite 390
Beverly Hills, CA 90210
There is another information on that site: (http://josh-hartnett.org/fanmail.php)
Fan Mail:
Josh Hartnett
Patricola Lust
8271 Melrose Ave. #110
LA, CA-90046

Is it for sure that the adress you wrote is his present adress? Will he recieve my letter for sure?
Christopher spoke to Ms. Patricola about fan mail but the response wasn't too satisfactory....... so as she is his Publicist she would be the best person to contact......... and that was the information we had for her. The site you found could also be correct I don't know ........ Paricola Lust could be her Public Relations firm! Let me know what happens......

really i wanna know about that!!! josh didn't comunication with Fan
i have no ifdea sweety how you can do it directly. I wish help you but i can't . I think that just his close friends and family know it.
i make no ifdea sweety how you can do it flat. I recognize ply you but i can't . I cogitate that honourable his unaired friends and kin eff it.
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Who knows the city he lives in?San Francisco?Los Angeles?
hey friend he lives in newyork most of the time but sometimes he goes to minnesota to see his family and friends.i knew this from an interview .


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