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JHart "Fever Symptoms" .....You know you are addicted to Josh when..........

I don't think Annie from LNJ will mind sharing this with us, It made me smile as it was it was all true!!!

Source: Luckynumberjosh.com


1. You cry when Danny Walker from Pearl Harbor dies at the end of the movie.

2. You keep pictures of Josh in your wallet.

3. You have watched most, if not all of the movies Josh has been in.

4. You keep up with Josh news.

5. You have watched a scene over and over again because Josh looks so good.

6. You stare at Josh's pictures forever.

7. All your friends associate Josh with you.

8. You google Josh's name a few times a day.

9. You feel more interested in things to do with Minnesota.

10. You own dvds of most of Josh's movies.

11. You love everything Josh does.

12. You think uni-brows are sexy.

13. You start to read books by Josh's favorite authors or books of his movies.

14. You collect all the magazines Josh has been in.

15. You have a collection of Josh's pictures on your computer.

16. You want to go to New York to meet Josh.

17. You cannot think of anyone who is better looking than Josh.

18. You manipulate pictures of yourself with Josh.

19. You have Josh on your screensaver or desktop.

20. You hear the name 'Josh', you think of 'Josh Hartnett'.

21. You know most of Josh's trivia.

21. You imagine Josh before sleeping...

tee hee hee, I often dream of JHart! Can you think of any more..............?


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it's all me...heheheh i have all these symptoms,,
but i think josh hartnett likes mathematics, isn't he?
i hate mathematics!
22. He's your cell phone screen saver
23. You join all the sites affilated with Josh
24. You only listen to and believe the good things about JHart
Yeah! That's me too...
Yep. Well... not all 24, but yeah... a few of them for sure. And here is another proof of a "Josh addiction" ;o)
25. If you make a painting of Josh.
26. You watch his movies not once but a hundred times.

I have all these symthoms!! OMG im an addict!!
tee hee Ara.......... we all are!
27. You dress like Josh

i love his style
I have dreamed more than once with him !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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