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So I was thinking about Josh the other day, and wondering what it was "specifically", that I like about him. Now keep in mind that his looks are a product of his mom and dad (who we thank every day, for this gift - tee hee), so no liking him for just his looks - too obvious!!!

So tell me what you like, or don't like (yea right!), or even if you could talk to him what would you ask?

I'm still thinking, so I'll get back to you soon....

Talk to me people!!

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I must admit it was Josh's looks that attracted me in the first place. But I agree he is very articulate, charismatic and intelligent, he always seems modest and polite, I love the fact he doesn't like the Hollywood 'scene' and doesn't feel he has to live in Hollywood. He seems down to earth. I think he has a sense of humour.
If I met him (as if) I'd want to ask him what movie role he's done so far is he proudest of ? And if he could play any part on stage or screen, what'd it be ?
I'd also like to know what of aftershave he wears !


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