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These titles are stil missing from my -extensive- dvd collection. I can't find them anywhere and believe me, I've tried!

Movies :

-She's Missing (originally Highway) from 2019

-Dark Star Hollow from 2014

Series :

-Paradise Lost (2020), 1 season of 10 episodes (exclusively on Spectrum tv which is unavailable in Belgium)

-Die Hart (2020)

Thanks for your help!


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She’s Missing is not worth getting. Josh plays a Manson-like guru in a commune. He’s on screen probably 5 minutes. The movie is terrible. It’s on Freevee, free with ads via Amazon Prime Video. Paradise Lost is only available to IP Spectrum VOD. It is not available where I live (Sarasota FL). Prime says it is not streaming anywhere. Stuck Between Stations is another bad movie. Promoted with his name but he only has one scene with two lines. Bunraku is available as dvd and in Blu-ray. It is wonderful! Think samurai fighting, spaghetti western, acrobatics, dance, paper dolls, pop up books and parody writing and performances . Josh is The Drifter, Woody Harrelson is The Bartender, Ron Perlman is The Woodcutter and I’m not sure what Demi Moore is. She doesn’t seem to know she’s in a hilarious art film. Get this one! My favorites of his performances are “O” and August. I have both on dvd from Amazon Prime. I Come with the Rain is not available in the US. DIE Hart has Josh playing himself in a scene or two(? Can’t remember) and camps it up. Oh, Lucy! Is another wonderful movie, a drama-comedy, with a versatile performance.

I have to try to find two you mention here. I reeeeeeally want to see Paradise Lost. 😭 I found one of the hard to find ones on the Roku channel.Com but I forgot which movie!


I’m searching everywhere for ‘The Black Dahlia’ but it’s impossible to find streaming in the UK. I did watch ‘I Come with the Rain’ free on YouTube and even though I barely understood it I was gripped from beginning to end. ‘Paradise Lost’ eludes me too and I so want to see it. 


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