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           All these pictures with this model Tamsin  have one aim to divert public attention  from his personal life,this is something as a shield ,a wall which nobody should know what is kept behind ,it is good to have fans but some of people just cross the line and intrude into too personal side of their life,does it matter to somebody if Hartnett is related to Egerton or any other girl-no it does not matter after all he is a person just like the rest,we all try to find the meaning of our existence  in this world to find our happiness,our love,I believe that he is on the same stage of his life,it is so obvious on all these pictures that he is bored  probably from the circus he needs to take part in order to leave him alone during the rest of the time.It is not good constantly to think if one person is your friend or lover because of your popularity and the benefits he or she can gain out of it.Probably he is quite isolated person who does not trust  on somebody very easily,maybe we should really leave them alone ,it is not nice to go out for a dinner and someone behind you to take a picture while you are eating and then to see yourself posted in each social media it is just ridiculous or not to forget about all these crazy female fans that never stop screaming -why they scream ,they do not care about his way of acting they mostly care about how  he looks naked in a sex scene ,it is very irritating when people see only the surface without to question what lies underneath .What do you think?

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I. Feel he needs to lighten up a lot, and embrace his fan base more.


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