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Just flying back to #NYC with my good friend #JoshHartnett. He likes looking out the window when we land. #ImACreep

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Josh Harnett is in Dublin shooting scenes for Penny Dreadful – Dublin looks magnificent


I have some images of Josh Hartnett (Ethan Chandler) on the set in Dublin filming some scenes. He looks so handsome and happy to be back at work on PENNY DREADFUL. I know I am and likely you are too. I’ve also implemented a NO PAPARAZZI POLICY for the site. That means no images of the cast will be posted if it violates their right to privacy. Meaning no images will be posted of any of the cast in what would be considered their private lives; including going shopping for groceries, vacations, airport comings and goings, etc. I don’t feel these images of Josh violate this policy since it is expected they will be photographed at their workplace, which is the set of PENNY DREADFUL. Oh, and by the way, I’m back to m’ole self. I got my computer back. Business as usual folks.


I enjoy watching Josh Hartnett going about his evening from my kitchen window #StalkerNeighbour

Oh my gosh! no way, the legit josh hartnett



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