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He's mysterious.

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Well, I he is a great actor for the various roles he is able to accomplish. Although 30 Days of Night was a good movie, I didn't like his look in it, white skin, dry lips, however, that was the look that it was supposed to have, lol. He appears to me to be a more reserved person, unless provoked whether it is a person provoking him, or, alcohol. In a nut shell, reminds me a lot of my son. I think we are in store for a lot of wonderful different characters up and coming; very excited to see what's next. Julia
Great actor... i love his movies ...his smile is so lovely !
I think he's like wine gets better over time !
I hope find him one day ......would be an unforgettable day :) :)

he's simply the best..
he is a handsome young man and I think can have many wives. But they mean it honest? I think Josh should take a woman over 35 who are mature
First of all is a great actor... He has so much talent. Then he's a cute boy and has a very pretty smile...
I think he's awesome, increible, i love his smilee and.. his gap!! he's sexy.. i love him!!!!
He is for sure good looking, but there is more to him than that. He seems very down to earth, he is a great actor. He seems through and through like an awesome person. It would be amazing to meet him, I really want to know what he's like in person.
Everything about him.He Is a talented actor very sexy,tall,beautiful,and aesome personality =)
I think he's very sexy obviously, but what 'does it' for me is the fact he's intelligent, eloquent, articulate and witty. He seems down to earth and doesn't want to play the Hollywood game.
Two of the UK interviews I watched (Graham Norton and Jonathan Ross) proved he's witty and polite, he seemed genuinely interested in what other people had to say, rather than the 'me, me, me' attitude of some big stars.

His voice is amazing, I must admit, although I've been aware of Josh for ages, since I saw Black Hawk Down, (don't shoot me) I haven't seen his movies. I intend to put that right immediately by watching 30 days of night, tonight if I can rent it, followed by Wicker Park and will work from there ... any recommendations anyone ?
It is a dream at all sentidos.Um ator.Lindo great! I would love to one day to be in the same place that he will find, to ask for an autograph and see him from very close.
And I'm older than both of you ! Lenita I think you are being very intolerant towards Jacqueline. And I don't agree with what you say. There are some very unattractive men who are successful actors.
I don't think you should come on here to criticise other posters. And your grammar is appalling !
I'm not a teenager, I lived 39 years and, thank God I have great admiration for Josh because he's not only beautiful, but for his work as an actor and certainly I will have the same admiration as he has 60 years of idade.Pois I'm your fã.Não julgue.Você not know me and know nothing of mim.Desculpe my way of talking, but I'm not accustomed to rudeness.


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