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He's mysterious.

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I have reported this post, it is offensive. I should not have commented on your grammar if I'd realised you were not an English speaker. This however gives no excuse for your abusive tirade simply because I am English.

Lenita Albuquerque said:
I'm Brasileira or a Brasilian girl and I don"t fell obliged to talk your language very, very correctly. I know I'm not good in English, but to me it does'nt matter. You must write to me in Portuguese and than you'll know how good I'm in my own language. I'm sure you know nothing about Portuguese and about Brasil. Sure you neither know Brasil is in South America and I love my country that never staied throwing bombs in others countries, like yours. And killed persons like JEAN CHARLES DE MENESES, A BRASILIAN ELECTRICIAN, GOOD GUY, HONEST, HARD WORK MAN, BEING NOT OF WRONG ONLY WORKING HARDLY, INOCENT, THAT WAS COWARDLY MURDER IN SUBWAY, WHITHOUT ANY POSSIBILY TO DEFEND HIMSELF, WITH 10 SHOTS IN HIS BACK, IN THE FLOOR OF THE TRAIN, BY YOUR COWARD POLICE. 12 YARES AGO, JUST BECAUSE HE SEEMS LIKE A FOREING. AND, TILL NOW, THESE MAN THAT MURDER JEAN CHARLES DE MENESES ARE WHITHOUT HARSH, PUNISHMENT. I THINK THIS IS A VERY BIG SHAMED AND HORROR THING. NOT DON'T KNOW TO WRITE YOUR LANGUAGE CORRECTLY. I kwon very much things of your country and I love England and their people. And in Brasil we haven't the costum, the habit to murder people just because they're foreing. HERE THIS ISN'T USUAL. THEY'RE PEOPLE LIKE US. UK has very much death to pay yet.

Tiffany Madison said:
E eu sou mais velho que tanto de você ! Lenita Acho que você está sendo muito intolerante com Jacqueline. E eu não concordo com o que você diz. Há alguns homens muito atraentes que sejam atores de sucesso.
Eu acho que você não deveria vir por aqui para criticar outros cartazes . E a sua gramática é revoltante !

i love Josh as the actor and as the personality, I admire him!  He is perfection!!! I sincerely wish good luck to him in everything!!!


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