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She is the right woman for him?

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she is not so splendid.... he deserves more beautiful girl
I fully agree
I like her
as long as hes happy then I'm happy :)
I am also happy if he's happy, but sometimes paints a mean jealousy?
I really think I'm not here to interfere in Josh's girlfriends life..I have no right to interfere in his private life. It doesn't matter to me. It's not of my businees who Josh is going out, or dating, married or something else.This is his private life and about it nobody has the right to interfere. Only Josh and the girl he choose. And no one more.. It's so difficult to anyone to take care of our own life. I don't allow anyone to interfere in my lyfe. So... To take care of other person life, than.... It doesn't matter to me who Josh is or not dating, if she is or not beautyfull, what I think or not about this. And I'm quite sure that it doesn't matter to Josh too. His private life is only of his interest. Not our. I'm here to discuss Josh's work, only. I have my own life to take care and to live. Like Josh.
I do not think we're getting in life dele.Apenas wanting to join some of your cotidiano.Pra me what matters is who is happy the way they think best.
Jackie, I'm sorry but I'm not here because I want Josh for me, or to kiss Josh, or to date Josh. I have my own boyfriend, that I love and he loves me. We're dating since 3 years ago and till now things between us are very sweet and good. WE're happy till now. I'm 23 years old and he has 27 years old .We both have our job and life is going on well. Josh has 32 yeras old and I think he knows to take care of his own life. I'm quite sure Josh knows to that care of his own life very well.

Jacqueline said:
I do not think we're getting in life dele.Apenas wanting to join some of your cotidiano.Pra me what matters is who is happy the way they think best.
Surely he knows if cuidar.Eu just want to know a little of your good days and bad (hopefully always great) because I like his work as an actor, after all I am a fan and fan so ... I'm married, have a son . Josh for me is just a dream, real life is another.
O.K. Jackie! What happens whith me is that Josh isn't a dream to me. I have another kind of dreams. And, of course, I want Josh would be happy the way he thinks is better to himself. O.K.???? In the same way I want you be happy and all the people... Peace and love... "Imagine all the people living for today.. Imagine there's no countries and no religions too.. " John Lennon... Who I love very, very much. "Imagine" is to me like a prayer that I say everyday. Imagine the world like that prayer..." You can say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one.. " Lennon...
Oh, girls, stop quarreling! LOL. We are here to express our opinions on smths, the theme is "What do you think of Josh's girlfriend? Sofhi" Somebody likes her, somebody dislikes. It's quite stupid to say "I have no right to interfere in his private life" just because even if you want to interfere you won't manage to do it!!! LOL If one russian girl (me) said she dislikes his girlfriend it only means she dislikes her, nothing more. I don't find her very beautiful, but as for Josh, he has some other values, it is his choice and it is OK. We are here just to share some ideas, not to "interfere" Josh's life. I like him much, he is really cool!
Amy !! How're you??? Yes, You're absolutely sure. What happens is thre're very much others importants questions to talk about Josh that it seems so funny to talk about Sophie. But you're sure, o.k??? Kiss Lenita Brasil. Iwasn't fighting. I was only explaining my way to see life. It's finished, ok???


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