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I think in pearl harbor,faculty,black dalia.
What do you think?

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I think pearl harbor and the black dahlia. they are my favorites
Definitely Lucky Number Slevin. Love that role!!
I thought he was amazing in Sin City, Hollywood Homicide, 30 Days of Night, and Lucky Number Slevin.
i havent seen all the movies hes in, but every movie i watch with him in it i fall in love with, hes just so beleivible i feel like im in the movie with him:] thats why hes such a great actor i mean he can play anything:]
Lucky number sliven and here on earth
It's hard to pick only one role,he was young and very good in here on earth, a movie that isn't mentioned too much, think my absolute gave is august

deja vu said:
Lucky number sliven and here on earth
Wish I'd seen Rain Man ............. so as I didn't I'll go with Mozart and the Whale and Wicker park!.....for his acting! But Luck number Slevin was my fave....!
To me his best role was Matt Eversmann in Black Hawk Down but I love the charachter of Danny Walker in Pearl Harbor: very cute and innocent!!!
his best role in my opinion was defiantly Bucky Bleichert in "The Black Dahlia", but that'll change when Bunraku comes out around July as it is already defaulted to be my favourite movie for casting Gackt and Josh Hartnett in the same film. I remember the day I found out about the casting. I literally jumped up and squealed like a school girl for 10 minutes.
I'm with you CatPryor. The Black Dahlia is easily his best role so far although I have not seen "I Come with the Rain" yet.
in pearl harbor he is FANTASTIC!
I totally agree!!!

lissa said:
in pearl harbor he is FANTASTIC!


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