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An Urgent Plea from Absolute Josh Hartnett Founder Chris Spencer

I'm a volunteer.

Like the thousands of you who enjoy Absolute Josh Hartnett's wonderful gossip, stories, photos, videos and experiences, I don't get paid a cent. But I have been here from the beginning and I can tell you, we did not expect to become this large of a community with so many real, tangible costs to manage the site.

Recently, Ning started charging a monthly fee to maintain Absolute Josh Hartnett...and it's no longer free. There's technology costs, postage, telephone and email systems to maintain here. Believe it or not, we even need to keep up a fax line to handle day-to-day business matters and contracts.

This year we are adding essential technology we've needed for many years. We cannot wait a minute longer, these are real, immediate needs to maintain Absolute Josh Hartnett.

In the past 12 months, we have served 113,940 unique individuals who viewed 1,092.589 pages of wonderful information about our cherished Josh Hartnett...all for FREE!

Last year, we received ZERO donations. Not even one. That's sad considering the thousands of pages of wonderful Josh information we served up all-year-long.

It's a stretch. We are the only major website in the world that offers the variety of information and a community where Josh Hartnett fans can collide with each other in such a fantastic, fun way.

Please, please help! Please help us keep Absolute Josh Hartnett online. Help with a donation of $1, $10, $20, $35 or whatever you can afford. These funds are absolutely essential to keep the site running and pay our hard costs of operations.

You can use PayPal and send whatever your heart demands to: donations@joshhartnett.com

If you prefer to mail a donation to us, please use:

Absolute Josh Hartnett
1130 North Lima Street
Burbank, CA 91505

Seasons greetings to you and thank you in advance for considering this essential help.

Chris Spencer

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