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hay guys how r u all ? you know? the life can change u at all ya i believe that just now and i learned something from my life i wanna tell u a bout because u all my friends sometimes we trust in people then we found they are not like we think they are bad and terrible people even if they are our best friends or people really very close 2 us and now we all love josh right? and u read my blog and i`m said he is simple kind etc but how can i say that? i don`t even know him i know him as an actor but i don`t know him as a human and i won`t meet him and know him during my life i was a falter when i said that because i`m not sure a bout that so i`m saying a bout him now he is a good actor just that because that`s all i know i won`t tired my mind with something far any more i`m sorry a bout the blog i deleted it but i wanna thank him because he gave me really good friends from this site so now do u see i`m a falter ?

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Comment by tetzy larita on August 20, 2009 at 12:15am
hey Nads...chill friend we all love josh...thats the most important!!! I'm here friend....with till the end...and so with josh,,HE CARES FOR US...HE LOVES US!!! i SWEAR TRUST ME...
Comment by Olivier on August 19, 2009 at 3:53pm
You don't need to know Josh. His films are all which matters. Trust me Nada. Peace.
Comment by nada on August 19, 2009 at 3:20am
شكرا يا رشا انتى بجد من احسن الاصدقاء اللى اتعرفت عليهم هنا واول واحدة اتكلم معاها ساعت ما اشتركت هنا وانا معاكى انو ممكن يكون انسان كويس بس انا ماقدرش ااكد من غير ماعرف على العموم انا لسة من ضمن معجبينة وبتمنى انو يطلع زى ما انا حسة انسان كويس فعلا
Comment by Rasha on August 18, 2009 at 10:58pm
انت بنت كتير طيبة وحساسة وانت من اصدقائي المفضلين في هذا الموقع
وانا اتوقع انو جوش شخص طيب كشخص مش بس كممثل الانو كتير ما بقرأ عن ناس قابلوا بحياتهم وكلهم بحكوا عنو انو متواضع ورائع وتوقع انو اذا صار نصيب وقابلتي اكيد رح تحسي بهدا الشي وفي النهاية هو بضل ممثلنا المفضل
مشتاقة لك ديري بالك على حالك

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