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Bunraku!!.... and my late night/ early morning run in with him!!!

Ok so i have only gone to one film so far and it has been Bunraku...I enjoyed the visuals, and of course Josh, but not so much the movie as a whole. Josh to me, is always an awesome actor. I feel he brings a charisma and energy to anything hes in much like Johnny Depp...except Cuter ;) lol....ok, so i saw him come out of the limo at the premiere for Bunraku, and my bf was the first person to greet him and got it on iphone video...I will post that later.,i shook hands with him and he said hi to me, that was nice i guess. Haha but i wanted more.

I have loved the feel he gives to his movies since i saw The Faculty when i was 11, and have been a devoted fan of him ever since. Mozart and the Whale i thought he was just adorable as that character.....but ok back to the good stuff....I got an inside scoop from our press buddy at what after party he would be at so i could hopefully get my way into his party and chat with him....was told he was suppose to be at Maison Club, but wasnt there to my dismay :( So i spent the night partying with my Bf giving up on hanging with Josh....haha then my bf had this great idea i should check out the hotel across the street from where we were parked so i could at least meet him up close and get a pic before retiring for the night. I was very doubtful and we went in at 5am in the morning,it was dead. I was going to leave and he said we should check upstairs,and take the escaltor up...feeling a little pathetic and stalkerish i agreed, hopped on the escaltor, rode half way up, and turned around to look back down, and saw half of Joshes face pass by a corner, after coming in the back door. Well thats all i needed before i accessed the situation,saw how many stairs i had left to run up, decided to run up the rest of the stairs, then go right back down on the other side. I'd say it was most definitely a funny sight. I was clinging to the side railings while trying to run as fast as i could in 4 inch heels down the other escaltor....hahah he wasnt getting away that easily. In hind sight if he would have seen me he probably would have darted into the elevator he was stepping into when i saw him :P he was in mid step about to close the door, and i yelled "Hey Josh, u think i could get a quick photo with u? I know, im sorry your probably tired, it'll be 1 sec, please? He swung his foot around to face me in an exhausted show, which im sure wasnt a show at all lol...sighed and said "ok, ya" I made small talk while i rummaged through my purse for my camera, trying to look and sound as nonchalent as possible, but i dont think he bought it ahah. So i found my camera and realized I had left my bf in the dust!....I was babbling something about Josh Hartnett when I went floundering down the stairs, but i think my bf thought i was crazy haha. But good bf that he is, he came running around the corner a few secs later, with a look of startlement on his face, then with the huggest grin i have ever seen haha hes not one to get star struck and doesnt care to much about Josh Hartnett, but at that moment i dont think i have ever thought he was that cute. His eyes were all squinty from his huge grin...sighs..i poked fun at my bf and said " look at u! haha your more excited then i am!, your to cute!" i think Josh thought that we were kind of a cute couple and smiled, but he seemed more interested in getting to his room. So we took the pic, and he was wearing some smirf looking hat, that i think only he could make look cute, in that dorky sorta way haha,..oh and wow, he is really tall! im 5 5 and wearing heels and i still only came to his chest....i wanted to kiss him on the cheek, to make my girl friends jealouse but i didnt want to weird him out. I Have spent enough time around many other celebs in my life, so i def didnt want to give Josh a bad feeling about me, thats actually only true cuz its him! *SIGH* hopefully he thought i was cute :D

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Comment by Patty on May 23, 2011 at 3:51pm
I do not know what I would do if I were in front of Josh. I might be panicked, frozen and not say a word as being self-confident and talkative, in both cases I would be inside shaking like never before. You were lucky to have met him, because Josh is a simple guy at the end
Comment by liu yachen on January 22, 2011 at 9:23pm
haha u are so cute!what a lucky girl!!!!
Comment by Kati Marshall on January 22, 2011 at 3:11pm
wow your so lucky!!!
Comment by dandrei1987 on September 13, 2010 at 8:50am
I like the picture. Thanks for sharing.
Comment by Annie on September 13, 2010 at 6:55am
That was a wonderful experience. I'm sure he thought you were adorable.! : ))
I enjoyed the film, I loved the concept and idea behind it. And for me just seeing him made this my most special birthday. Are you still in town?

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