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***IMPORTANT**** Absolute Josh Hartnett - Terms of Service

The terms of Service is posted but little read..........Please take the time to read them now.

Terms of Service

Absolute Josh Hartnett (AJH) provides a community where people can post, share and discover news and information about Josh Hartnett.


1. We are not friends (currently) with Josh and don't hang out with him, so please direct all fan mail to his agent, manager or publicist (thank you!).

2. We are an unofficial fan site, we are not affiliated with Josh and he does not manage our activities.


We welcome contributions and encourage members to express, share and debate their opinions. In order to ensure a respectful and cohesive community is maintained, Absolute Josh Hartnett has developed the following “Code of Conduct”, and "Posting Guidelines".


Absolute Josh Hartnett asks that all members abide by  both the "MEMBERS CODE OF CONDUCT" and the "POSTING GUIDELINES" to ensure that the community remains an enjoyable experience for all our users.


Posting Guidelines

Before posting new content, (stories, pictures, videos) please check to make sure that the content has not already been posted by another member. Posts are to be in English only.


Suitable Content
Only content following the guidelines below should be posted: 

  • Duplicate content must not be posted.  (Current duplicates are being removed at this time)
  • All topics shown or mentioned in a story, photo or video should be about Josh Hartnett. Information that does not include Josh will not be posted. (Just a reminder that we have a "Discussion Forum" section where you can add other information that does not need to be approved.  They must however adhere to the posting guidelines.
  • Full titles should be used for all photos, stories and videos

Unsuitable Content
Content with any of the following must not be posted:

To protect the privacy and safety of members, phone numbers and email addresses must not be posted under any circumstance. If you wish to share this type of information with others please use your message feature.


Tagged or watermarked photos (e.g. Getty Images, Wire Image, Icon International, Just Jared, Socialite, etc) should not be posted

Please note that photos with small tags (e.g. Vanity Fair, Vogue) are acceptable to post as long as the original source and photographer are credited where possible.
News Stories

The story headline should match the story and needs to have enough detail to be self-explanatory

Credit should be given to the original source (e.g. URL)

All photos, news stories and videos WILL be moderated. Content that does not conform to our posting guidelines will be flagged and removed.

In order to fulfill “Absolute Josh Hartnett's” vision of creating a fun and socially active community we ask that you respect each other, and each others postings, and interact in a civil and respectful manner.

Refrain from personal attacks, rudeness, disrespectful comments, and aggressive behavior - these behaviors are disruptive and unacceptable.

Absolute Josh Hartnett maintains a zero tolerance for any violations of the “Members Code of Conduct”. Disputes or infringements will be looked at on a case by case basis and dealt with accordingly, temporary or indefinite blocking from Absolute Josh Hartnett may occur if members continue to behave inappropriately.

  • Swear words
  • Factually incorrect or make believe content
  • Blatant self promotion (Only Information pertaining to Josh Hartnett will be posted - NO PERSONAL PICTURES will be posted in the photo section) Please feel free to use these as profile picture.
  • Nudity
  • Sexually explicit content
  • Politically motivated content
  • Content expressing hatred or violence
  • Comments
  • Defamatory or slanderous comments MUST NOT be published
  • We reserve the right to block an user for any reason we deem appropriate

Please also bear in mind that we are a volunteer site. The scope of our management, review and ability to monitor this site is extremely limited.Anyone posting content is responsible for it. Allegation of any copyright violations will result in the content being removed without a judge or jury, we aren't here to get into fights, we are here to admire Josh. Please only post content if you own it, or have the right to do so. Any content you post is your own responsibility and you are legally liable for posting illegal or infringing content of any kind. We limit our liability to removing that content from the community, so if it's not yours, don't post it.


Thank you for participating and we appreciate your being here.

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Comment by dandrei1987 on April 10, 2011 at 1:17pm
Thanks. I readi it. I hope everyone reads it. It s important to know it.

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