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October 16, 2009
Reporter : Lee Ji-Hye seven@10asia.co.kr기사 폰트확대

He has become an actor who is sought by worldwide directors such as Brian de Palma, Michael Bay and Anh Hung Tran, but continues to enjoy taking on new challenges. Such a disposition led him to take on “Rain” which caused much controversy immediately after its release. His attentive analysis into his new film will reveal to you a new side to this actor whom we had only thought of as a Hollywood superstar.

10: This is your third day in Busan and your first trip to Korea. What have you been doing?

Hartnett: My younger brother lived in Seoul for about eight months because he was a Korean major. And I’d heard all about Korea from Byung-hun and I had a certain expectation but I didn’t realize how many people were gonna show up for the film and for Kimura and Byung-hun and I guess myself. It’s all been very flattering and very exciting for the film. I was very impressed by the amount of people at the opening night festival as well. This is a huge festival — I think the largest in Asia and its surprising to me that more people in Hollywood don’t come over for it.

Read more here .. http://pandahunnie.wordpress.com/2009/10/16/byunghun-josh-in-pusan-pictorial/

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