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Modest, thoughtful, fan of Fellini: the 39-year-old American actor with sex-symbol potential is so little Hollywood that he is almost too perfect.

" I met Josh Hartnett." About fifteen years ago, the sentence would have been avalanche of questions, torrent of jealousy. Josh Hartnett had just played Trip Fontaine in Virgin Suicides by Sofia Coppola, the dark man who breaks Lux's heart by abandoning him after the ball of the "prom", so she does not come back at the agreed time, so his mother cuts them off from the world, she and her four sisters, we know the rest. Josh Hartnett, it was also Dwight "Bucky" Bleichert in the black DahliaBrian De Palma, the traumatized boxer cop who develops an obsession for Elizabeth Short aka "the black Dahlia", found cut in two in Los Angeles in 1947. Perfect arty roles to cater to the European public that Hart-nett completed with big Military-Hollywood machetes acclaimed across the Atlantic: Pearl Harbor, the Fall of the Black Hawk . In short, at age 25, Hartnett was playing and winning on all fronts. America saw him as his new little fiancé, some people found him a potential legend, "mix of Gary Cooper and Montgomery Clift" . Leo DiCaprio, his eldest radiating four-year-old, had an interest in watching the daring-looking challenger.

2018. Wanting to meet the Leo Leo is a dream. Especially in the conditions where we find ourselves facing Hartnett: an hour in head-to-head, with no hired agent or fans at the bottom of the crane in front of the hotel. One and the other do not clearly box in the same category. But Hartnett seems to live it well, a fairly ideal customer, respectful, circumstantial, thoughtful. It is clearly beautiful, more interesting than young because with small asperities, without especially showcasing his meter 90 (gray sweatshirt, black pants). The hazel eyes are piercing but a little worried, not that of a barking cador quickly tired of being there.

Halfway through, he was told that he used "honesty" three times. A good American thinking tic? He says, in his surprisingly grave voice, that of a priest or a judge, at least older than his 39 years: "To be honest with myself, it is essential to me, and I think in art, it's the key. This is how the connection can be with others, even if they do not necessarily understand the purpose: they perceive in any case the implication, the sincerity. " And the others, Josh Hartnett once had trouble to calculate them. "When you are an outsider, as I felt younger, a bit isolated, art offers means of indirect communication, it is one of the aspects that I really appreciate in this business."Josh Hartnett or the story of a guy in the physical "poster boy", propelled into the rooms of girls and the fantasies of their mothers, regularly stamped "the sexiest man" by American magazines, but that it is necessary to aspire regularly to blend in with the decor. Like when we cross it again a few days later, at the Dior Homme show. On his way, the "Josh! Josh! " People photographers rain, track him with a smile between shy and stuck as though embarrassed by the consubstantial media attention to his job. The anecdote validates his speech of non-affiliated with the flamboyant and flamboyant biotope Hollywood: "I frequent few actors, rather musicians, writers, visual artists."It is only recently that Hartnett has joined Los Angeles, having lived mainly in New York, with frequent trips back to his native Minnesota. In recent years, he has also spent time in London in the wake of his partner Tamsin Egerton, English actress and model with whom he has two daughters, 2 years and 6 months.

The film that brings him is Oh Lucy! bittersweet chronicle between Japan and the United States, around an old girl from Tokyo taken a fixette for a young American teacher, to the point of tackling everything, his routine, his work, his life (shit, he is true). A woman on the wire who madly needed to believe in love, Prince Charming, one suggests. Him: "Many interpretations are possible, so much the better besides. For me, it's a redemption, the story of a woman who opens to the world, to others, and to her own feelings. "

See the world, explore: Josh Hartnett said he wanted to, early in St. Paul, Minnesota. "It's a medium-sized town, no big or small, and I could not wait to get out. Like Room Full of Mirrors, Jimi Hendrix's song, break the mirrors and free me. "His father manages buildings, his mother has the artistic fiber. It is Wikipedia that says it, we zapped these details as it seems that his life begins after. Perhaps with his meeting with Fellini, "decisive," he says. It was in adolescence, the handsome boy then worked in a video club. His madeleine: 8 ½, self-portrait of the artist in depressive confronted with the creative failure. Hartnett: " It's the aspect of existential questions that fascinated me." Oh Lucy! is a first film, the Japanese Atsuko Hirayanagi. He says he likes it, shoot movies and with strangers, because the Americans "too often want, from the beginning, to show that they could make big films, it gives things choppy rather than simple stories." These days, he writes scripts, would like to move on to the realization. For a bit, it's also boring for the desire to exoticism, we would find it terribly European as he climbed the American ladder as it should be: TV series, then big screen. He obviously votes Democrat, talks about Trump with gravity. Josh Hartnett even reads the press ( New York Times, Financial Times, Guardian),is grieving that people are screwing up with social networks. "They only reinforce their own convictions, their world shrinks, and their understanding with. "

Luckily, there is the Weinstein patsque. Suddenly, Josh Hart-nett is no longer ideal. The perfect guy wonders. Says that, "of course, this moment of debate and change is exciting." But he adds, in connection with the letter developed by Catherine Deneuve published the same day in Libe : "It remains to know where all this will lead us. If people do not come near the other for fear of being accused of incorrectness ... " The case of Kevin Spacey, erased the last Ridley Scott. Las, he refuses to express the "about a case [that he does not know] well enough, and any of [his] remarks could be misinterpreted, sorry!"accusations that target the actor director James Franco, with whom he just turned? "I know, I know." An American actor who doubts, hesitates, seeks and says it: not sure that Leo would give us as much.

July 21, 1978  Born in Saint Paul, Minnesota. 
1997 Cracker
 Series  . 2000  Virgin Suicides. 
2001  Pearl Harbor and the Fall of the Black Hawk . 
2006  The black Dahlia. 
January 31, 2017  Release of Oh Lucy! (Atsuko Hirayanagi)

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