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"The Departed" screenwriter William Monahan wrote "Sin City 2" 

Cinema  >  Cinema news | From FILMSTARTS.de - Monday 29 August 2011

William Monahan, who was in 2006 for his screenplay adaptation of "The Departed" won the Oscar, will write the screenplay for "Sin City 2". It will replenish and expand a draft of comic creator Frank Miller.

Said at Comic-Con in San Diego Robert Rodriguez ("From Dusk till Dawn"), Which"Sin City"Along with author Frank Miller ("300") Directed that the funding was put in place and could have started the shooting by the end of the year. The starting rotation depends on the completion of the script.

Which actors returning from the first part, is still uncertain. In an interview with THR Rodriguez hinted that can be expected with the cast, whose characters survived the first film. Such, for example, Josh Hartnett ("Lucky Number Slevin"), Rosario Dawson ("The Zookeeper"), Clive Owen ("Children of Men") And Jessica Alba ("The Fantastic Four"). The schedule will be busy at times in spite of these names is no problem, since a large part of"Sin City 2: A Dame to Kill For"Arises from the green screen.

William Monahan has been honored with an Oscar for his job a secure location. Currently he is working "Horizons"With Tom Cruise and, according THR, With director Martin Scorsese ("Taxi Driver") On the remake of a drama of 1974,"Gambler".

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page written in German, translated to the English  http://www.filmstarts.de/nachrichten/18471696.html

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